This is a topic that I'm pretty passionate about, I'm not all about the "clean" eating and fad diets, what I am about is FUELING your body :) God gave us this amazing body to utilize in so many ways for so many different tasks, the food we eat is used to nourish it so we can function at the highest level possible! When you eat well you FEEL better. It's not easy to do at first, but once you get started it's MUCH easier! Here are some simple modifications to a "typical" diet that will make a huge difference over time:

-Sub out pop (soda), juice, energy drinks for water and if you don't like water infuse it with fruits/veggies to give it a better flavor
-Instead of reaching for a candy bar go for 2 pieces of dark chocolate or a sweet piece of fruit
-Shop the perimeter of the grocery store (that's where the healthier foods are located)

The game changer for me in truly learning how to eat for what my body needs was utilizing the 21 day fix eating plan....I was SUPER resistant at first, after all, it looked like a diet to me and used these little containers and just seemed confusing! But after having client after client tell me how EASY it was and how much it helped them get killer results and finally lose weight, I decided to try it out! And after 2 years it's the basis for how I choose food every single day :)

Here are links to some of my favorite website on the blog:

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