About Me

My mission is to help transform lives and end the trend of obesity while empowering women to design a life they love! As an ER nurse I was able to see first hand how debilitating obesity is for America and the world. Seeing so many deaths and preventable diseases in people at such young ages has truly impacted me. I feel God called me to my nursing career to show me why I need to be helping people with their health and fitness. Working out regularly and eating well has transformed my life and I know it can for you too :) I also feel like He put the desire in me to show women that we can design a life we love! You don't have to go along with the status quo anymore, you can live your dreams unapologetically and defy a life by default!

In 2015 I've made it my GOAL to help transform 50 lives through home fitness programs, change of mindset and proper nutrition as well as change 50 lives through the coaching opportunity!

If you've ever needed someone to help you in your fitness/health journey or if you've always longed for an opportunity to help others on your own time, I'd love to talk with you to see what the right fit is for you!

As for my story, I wasn't always into health and fitness....

I actually hated working out when I was about 18. During my freshman year of college I can specifically recall a conversation with one of my friends when I looked at her (while on the elliptical) and said "How in the world do people do this for fun? You'd have to be crazy to actually enjoy this!" Well I've become that crazy lady and I can't imagine my life without fitness now!

About 2 months into my freshman year I became extremely stressed and moody. I wasn't handling my Honors Biology major very well, I was extremely homesick and missed my family and boyfriend (my now husband). So my best friend, who was my roommate at the time, took matters into her own hands and she told me I needed to drop the books and head to the gym. I told her I was too busy and there was no way I would have time to fit a workout in! She's extremely persuasive and one day she convinced me to go. After that first workout, I was hooked! I instantly felt the stress melt away. I started doing better in school (still changed my major to nursing, but God had his hand in that) and finally felt HAPPY! That endorphin high changed my life and now it's my turn to share with YOU how it can change your life too! :)

Sign up for a free membership at www.beachbodycoach.com/samanthamarlett and I can coach you for free :)

I didn't know coaching was my calling....

When I first signed up to coach, I saw it as a hobby, a way to make some extra money while I was finishing up nursing school and get a great discount on programs/products that I already knew and loved! After about 2 years of watching my friends quit their full time jobs to coach full time and work from home on their own schedule I said "hey! Why not me?" From that defining moment in November 2013- present I've been focused on helping as many people live their dream as possible and because of that, I've been able to start living mine :) I was able to go part time as an ER nurse at the age of 24! I'm able to be there for friends and family at the drop of a hat 5 days/week. There have been MANY moments since going part time that I think to myself, "Thank GOODNESS I'm part time and I can be here for my friend"

And looking ahead to the future and someday children...to have the freedom to be home for my family while bringing in more income than I ever could have as a full time nurse is the greatest gift I could ever dream of! It's all possible because of beachbody. It's all possible because of coaching. If so many of us can do it, why not you? Why not start? Why miss out on achieving YOUR dream?