I have the pleasure of running support groups on facebook along with one on one coaching with weekly calls! I host at least one group/month and we focus on all aspects of health: fitness, nutrition, mindset, support...you get it all in our group! Stay plugged in and you can get results like these, just submit your application and we can get started!

Program: Insanity Max:30 + Variety Pack of Shakeology
Stefanie Ganter

It was an amazing experience to be part of a support group! I met some beautiful people that have the same daily struggles as I, which makes this weight loss/living healthy journey a little easier. Starting to use shakeology I noticed I had more energy, I didn't have to eat magnesium like tick tacks anymore because it made my foot cramps disappear! And my digestion has also improved tremendously. On top of it, it's just delicious

Program: 21 Day Fix + Chocolate Shakeology

I recently had the privilege of participating in Samantha's 21 day fix challenge group. I had such an incredible time and learned more than I anticipated. The accountability that Samantha and the group provided really helped me in setting and keeping my goals. I woke up in the morning excited to see how every one was doing and to be involved in motivating one another. Samantha is very knowledgeable, she helped me to not only realize my fitness and nutrition dreams, but she was happy to chat and help me work through any stumbling blocks in my way as I embarked on many different journeys outside the challenge as well. The healthy life style tips and positive energy have stayed with me even after completing the challenge group. The group not only encouraged me to keep going, it helped me learn to eat healthier, not just for 21 days, but for life. The workouts provided were more difficult than I anticipated since I wasn't active to begin with, but they have modifiers and even though I couldn't complete even the warm up the first day, I could take my troubles to the group and it was a safe place to express my fears and doubts. Samantha was always there to cheer me on and help me to try again. Seeing the other ladies struggle along and improve helped me to keep trying too! Now I can complete any one of the workouts! Having that accountability and support system in place is what helped me to reach my goals this time! I had tried for nearly a year on my own, but this time was different. I lost the last 15 lbs of baby weight and am feeling better! I have learned that true health is not only about how we look, but it is about being healhty inside and out!! I will definitely participate in other groups she puts together!

Program: P90X3 + Shakeology
Yanellie LoParco

Before the support group I tried my best to workout 6 days a week. Being part of the group helped me to MAKE SURE I GOT IT IN. Before it was easier to just skip a day here and there. I loved the scheduling and routine of P90X. My nutrition was ok, I had fallen off the portion control bandwagon. Shakeology helped me kick the caffeine addiction. I do still drink it with friends or during prayer group, but it is no longer a NEED!!!!! I was struggling with breaking that habit and I do believe Shakeology helped me completely kick it The group helped to keep me accountable. I thought twice before taking an extra piece of dessert or overfilling my plate. I was after all writing it down and reporting it all, taht it really helped me get into the habit more of noting what I am shoving in my mouth.
90 day pics will be taken in a couple of weeks. Just started week 2 of block 3 I will admit the results are not SUPER drastic since I have had some bad days (I know we all have them). I never actually took measurements, I was gauging by being able to get back into my clothes comfortably (I could still get into them, they were just super tight). There definitely are certain articles of clothing that fit SOOOOO much more comfortable compared to when I first started the group.

Program: 21 Day Fix + Strawberry Shakeology
Sara Parker

I've spent quit a few years understanding the stresses of being overweight..... being thin, and healthy seemed so far from my grasp, it was like a distance bubble I finally needed to pop..... Thanks to the help of Samantha, the benefits of her programs, and a part of myself I didn't know I lost, I got the results to take control of my life and dropped almost 20 lbs in two months. I've learned to control my eating habits and tackle working out daily- something I never thought I could ever accomplish. I am in the BEST shape I've ever been in and I'm continuing to make progress everyday. With the guidance and faith Sam has given me, I have made my goals become my reality!

Program: 21 Day Fix + Shakeology
7/17, 10:44am

When I started my first challenge group I was stunned with the amount of support from others I received. If you have an amazing leader like my coach Sam, it's impossible to quit (like I'd done so many times before). I actually took one month off and thought I could do the whole healthy lifestyle on my own. Unfortunately, I went back to my same habits slowly. I don't ever want to be without a support group again! I am meeting my goals of being happy and healthy and owe it all to my challenge/support groups
***here's an update on Jenny's progress...this is March 2014-August 2014 6 months! 31 pounds gone! All with the 21 day fix, piyo, shakeology and support group! Find her on instagram @jennyshawlc she can help you get the same results!

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  1. Samantha Marlett is a wonderful resource for anyone who is trying to live a better life. She genuinely cares about people and helping them find ways to be successful—including using the Beachbody programs, eating better, forming good habits, and joining a support group.

    I’ve been on a lifelong journey to lose a lot of weight, and it has had its ups and downs. Fortunately, I’ve had more successes. There was never one thing that helped me lose weight—but many things along the way that have helped me be a much happier and healthier person than I was eight years ago. Beachbody coaches (especially Samantha) have helped me stay on track and live the best life I can! Thank you, Samantha!